Our vision.

To deliver the best customer ROI in the consulting market.

We believe that knowledge is becoming commoditised, and easily available for everyone. Companies choke on actions initiated by the overwhelming need to improve everywhere, all the time. Capacent helps its clients to focus on solving the most pertinent problems with the best solutions, aiming to take the company closer to its overall goal.

Our clients’ businesses are undergoing transformation and sometimes even disruptive change. Change is about far more than advice. It’s about behavior, communication, data analytics, creativity and much more. We need to bring new competences to the table.

No organization exists in a silo. Hyperconnectivity means that every problem is a potentially complex one. A good management consultant understands the broad spectrum of society, change and contextual topics.

Management consulting has remained the same for decades. Business is about people. We need to start talking about people.

How do we deliver our promise?


By addressing change on all levels, from the shop floor to the top management

By letting individuals be individuals and creating a Medici-effect between practices and competences

By combining profound digital competence with modern management consulting

By co-creating the desired change together with the customer and release real value

This is done in a Nordic way – by being honest, direct, innovative and pragmatic

Edvard Björkenheim

Telephone: +46 76 001 5801